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Customer has the right to resign from a purchase 14 days after the payment has been made, if the item has not been used. In order to exercise this right, the customer has to return the item at Max Moto SIA premises (Gustava Zemgala gatve 71, Riga, LV-1039). After the item is received, Max Moto SIA will immediately refund the amount of money paid for the item.


Refund rights are not fully or partly applicable if:

    • The item was individually made specifically for the customer’s needs;
    • The item has lost its original appearance, the packaging and price marks are damaged – in this case Max Moto SIA has the right to calculate the damages and subtract from the original amount of money refundable.
    • A mutual agreement has been made due to the fact of delivering a special / expensive item and Max Moto SIA has warned the customer of possible complications in case of return policy.


The customer (in exercising Para 1. of the terms set out in these regulations) is bound to the item’s quality preservation, safe storage and transportation and is liable for damages done during said storage and transportation.


If the customer chooses to exercise the return policy rights and the rejection of the item is not connected to lack of conformity with contract terms between buyer and seller, the customer has an obligation to cover transportation and bank transaction fees.


The seller has an obligation to refund the money paid for the item without delay, if the rejection of the item has been made in conformity with Para. 1. and there are no above mentioned obstacles to full or partial refund.


In case of any ambiguities regarding the rules set out above, please, do not hesitate to contact us before registering and / or purchasing in www.maxmoto.lv.